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Face Characteristics

Your face, just like your personality are yours and yours alone. And everything that goes along with your facial traits is your’s individually.

The specific areas of the face we will cover are the Neck, Chin,Jaws, Lips, Philtrum, Nose, Eyes, Eyebrows, Forehead and Hairline and Texture of Hair.

In Chinese face reading, every line, mark, feature, indentation and protrusion on the face, along with it’s bone structure and color reveals a person’s character and personality as well as their family background, ancestors, desires and life path. But Western face reading focuses mainly on determining character traits through facial features, Chinese face reading goes beyond that. It seeks not just to understand someone’s personality and characteristics but also to form conclusions about their life. It is about determining whether they will attain success, positive relationships and a high level of happiness in their lifetime.

Everyone has wrinkles eventually, but there is no reason why anyone under the age of 40 should have excessive lines on their face. If they do, their fortunes will be at best, average. A person with good fortune and by extension, has a good face.

Face Structure

The upper third of the face is an indication of the time you spend learning; the middle third applying what you have learned and the lower third is the wealth sector. That is the period of your life where you reap the rewards from what you have learned and how you apply what you learned.

The top third is also referred to as youth and known as the Heaven portion. The middle represents middle age and the bottom section represents old age and is the Earth portion. They are known as the three regions.

The more balanced the three sectors, the more natural it is. If the upper third is longer, you are more likely spend more time learning than applying what you’ve learned or generating wealth.Just as if the middle third of your face is the longest, you will spend more time applying what you’ve learned. Those who have a longer bottom third of their face are going to spend more time creating wealth from what they’ve learned and how they have applied it.

A balanced face has equal left and right segments as well as equal thirds. But that is less likely to happen. The only thing that is obvious is we each have specific life experiences to live through and no one else is capable of judging what we do or don’t do.