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Growing older gracefully, in the broader context, is indicated by the philtrum’s ability of a person to move into old age whatever wealth, experience, connections or influence they have acquired in their youth and middle age. It also determines whether a person can handle the transition from middle age to old age smoothly and without any major incident.

Depression is indicated in the eyes. They show mental health problems. If they are gloomy and tired or the person has a weak gaze, or the eyes lack feistiness or brightness (known as “weak eye spirit” in Chinese face reading), this is a clear sign of impending depression.

If these eyes are accompanied by eyebrow hair that grows in a crisscross fashion, as well as a narrow chin and a Reverse Boat Mouth (where the mouth resembles an overturned boat), this person is very prone to depression.

Alcoholism or a heavy drinking habit or a predisposition to a drinking problem is shown by the presence of dimples and a slight indentation under the lower lip.

Health Issues

Arm, leg or foot problems such as a broken leg or hip show up in the Laughter Lines, that is usually an indication of a clear problem with the limb on the same side of the body, particularly after the age of 50. In serious instances such as where the break in the laughter line is pronounced and deep, it indicates a strong possibility of an injury or major health problem related to the arm, leg or foot.

Cardiovascular problems are typically marked by a light blue ring around the pupils which is frequently accompanied by a line (either faint or pronounced) on one or both earlobes. In serious cases, the eyes will also be sunken and will look dull.

Kidney problems indicators are found in the ear skin color that is significantly darker than the skin color from the rest of the face.

For fertility, gynecological or prostate problems are typically marked by a tight or very flat philtrum. On a woman, dark eye bags are also usually an indication of fertility problems.

Classical face reading texts make a specific pronouncement on female fertility, saying “How do you know a person cannot give birth?” This is indicated by the left eye appearing gloomy and the outer section of the eyelid bulges perceptibly and hangs over the tip (of the outer corner) of the eye, thus creating an imbalance in the right eye. The left eyelid is also slightly darker in color than the right one.