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Entrepreneur Face

The Entrepreneur Face

Do you have what it takes to be your own boss, to come up with the products and services which people will part with their hard earned money to attain? Are you shrewd enough for the business world? It all depends on whether you have the Entrepreneur Face. The distinguishing features are as follows:

•     Small but long eyes which indicates shrewdness and a calculating, careful nature
•     Moderately thick eyebrows which grow in one direction
•     A nose tip which dips, indicating a good nose for the deal, good business acumen and good judgment of risk
•     A slight arch in the nose, which suggests a cunning and shrewd nature and a willingness to go the extra mile for the dollar
•     A large bulbous nose tip, indicative of a strong capacity for wealth generation and also how cash-rich the person is (ideally this would be a Lion’s Nose
•     Fleshy nose wings which suggest multiple revenue streams (the ability to make money from many sources as well as paper money wealth from listing a company on the stock exchange
•     A tall and moderately high nose bridge, indicative of a healthy ego and a good sense of self
•     The forehead slightly sunken
•     A high forehead indicating high intelligence and analytical skills process information and learns from situations

CEO Traits

Rock Star CEO Traits

The Rock Star CEO will have a number of the traits of the Manager CEO but more of the Fire face shape (the forehead is narrower compared with the peak of the head) or a Wood face shape (resembling an inverted triangle), which is usually seen in individuals who are celebrities, Rock Star CEOs also generally have these features:

•     A wide large mouth with good borders, indicating they have persuasive powers and impact (a Manager CEO also needs a good mouth, but a Rock Star CEO’s mouth can be one of their defining or best features.

•     A very high nose bridge and a tall nose, indicating a strong ego and powerful sense of self (a Manager CEO also needs a good nose but the nose can be one of the Rock Star CEO’s defining or best features because promoting themselves is an important part of their job)

•     A weak chin, indicating they are better with small groups of people (analysts, reporters, board of directors) and less capable when it comes to managing employees.