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Nose Traits

What to Look for in a Nose

When examine the nose, we want to look for positive and negative characteristics.

Good Nose Bridge indicators:

• Positive Qualities

• A good nose bridge is

• Broad and thick

• Fleshy

• Moderately high (begins at eye line)

• Straight

• Unmarked by lines, dents, scars or protrusions such as moles

Good Nose Wings are:

• Broad

• Fleshy

• Shaped so as to “hood” the nostrils so the nostrils are not exposed when the face is viewed quare on

• Without visible nostril hair

Good Nose Tip is:

• Fleshy and bulbous (imagine a cherry on the end of the nose)

• Slightly dipped

• Smooth and unmarked, with no scars, indentations or protrusions such as a mole.

Other Features

A good-quality nose means the wealth potential is propitious but of course, wealth alone does not make for good fortune in life. Nor can wealth be viewed just within the narrow context of whether or not a person can make money. It involves not just the ability to generate profit but also the capacity to accumulate wealth. The billionaires of the world rarely experience a all or nothing situation with regard to their net worth.

Although the nose is usually a key indicator, to evaluate wealth in the broader context of the face. For example to assess the rise and fall of a person’s financial fortunes requires a more sophisticated approach, utilizing a combination position.

Look at the face of any major business tycoon or entrepreneur: as well as a fleshy, bulbous downward tipping broad and tall nose, you should find good eyebrows plus a strong fleshy chin, fleshy cheeks and a meaty face. Richard Branson is a prime example. He is the quintessential entrepreneur. Everything he touches becomes a successful endeavor. He possesses all the qualities of success.