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        Big eyes are good at emoting, have a soft heart, compassionate, slightly gullible and naive and are highly expressive.

Suited for: Entertainer such as being a singer, actor, model or corporate role which involves being sympathetic and understanding such as a customer services or support person.

Small and long eyes have traits that include being shrewd, meticulous, slightly calculating nature, good at concealing secrets.

Suited for: A job that requires a high measure of discretion such as an accountant or banker. Many tycoons have small and long eyes.

Fish Tails in men or the crow’s feet that appear to crinkle along the temples when a person smiles are called Fish Tails in face reading terminology, since in combination with the eye they form the shape of a fish tail. This feature only relates to men, although women also get crow’s feet, the effect of such a feature is not the same. Fish Tails indicate a man has Peach Blossom qualities which in Chinese metaphysics refers to charm, sensuality and charisma.

The effect of Fish Tails is amplified if the eyes are also a little wet or glassy. Traits include charming, sensual, charismatic, attractive to both sexes and very likeable.

Suited for: Work that involves a lot of contact with people such as sales or marketing or a job in the public eye such as a politician or film star.


Take note if you are trying to work with someone and the outer corner of their eyes are lower than the inner corner.

These people will notice every little detail and pay special attention to the slightest flaw. They are the perfectionist and very unforgiving of anyone who is less so.  They are not content to be the perfectionist on their own but demand everyone else be so as well. They are quick to find fault and criticize other people’s work or point out what might been left undone.

They may appear to be critical but don’t take it to heart. It is just their nature. If you know there are errors, be the first to point them out right away. They will be less forgiving of obvious mistakes or errors they believe should have been caught.

Always remember to double check our work, proposals and presentations prior to showing those with this trait to save yourself from their critical viewpoint.