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Cameron Diaz

I thought I would start to review faces of people you may know. Their personality, since it is public knowledge, will become more obvious on how you can make the connection for learning the process of how to relate traits with how to communicate with each individual.

Cameron Diaz-youth

You can see the young Cameron has classic features. Her hairline indicates she is good at completing projects and the flatness of her forehead shows she has a logical side to her personality, requiring information be presented in an order and not randomly.

it is surprising she isn’t all that comfortable in having people she doesn’t know approach her with physical contact. The distance between her eyelids and her eyebrows is barely the width of her open eyes.

When people have this trait you don’t want to walk up to them when you first meet and physically touch them in any way. Let them take their time to get to know you first.

Cameron’s lower lip is slightly larger than her upper lip which tells her comfort in speaking publicly.

Cameron Diaz

Notice the roundness of her chin, it nearly becomes squared off in her more current picture. People with a round chin prefer their days to be even keel and avoid situations where there might be chaos. Yet as Cameron has matured she has developed a more “just tell me the bottom line” attitude.



A high square forehead indicates an analytical mind, good problem solving skills and someone who enjoys intellectual work and professional challenges. They are good at generating ideas and solutions or creating structures and systems, they are practical minded not afraid to question authority, rebellious personality and demand on those who work with or for them.

Suited for: manager or professional such as an account, engineer, doctor, lawyer or banker

A forehead which is low and tight is the opposite of the quare forehead. The hairline cuts in close at the sides.

Traits include rule-driven, able to follow instructions or meet quality standards, good at practical work or technical/labor-centric tasks, lacks creativity or problem solving skills, rarely demonstrates leadership skills.

Suited for: Middle management position, administrative staff or technician.

A high forehead and M-shaped hairline traits include a creative and artistic nature, a dreamer with big ideas grand visions, highly intelligent, often sees unique or special opportunities in situations, impractical, lacks the ability to manage money or adhere to budgets.

Suited for: Creative professions such as interior design, artistic, architect, writer or director, as well as creative finance such as venture capitalism.