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Those who have clear lip borders and sharp corners on the mouth have traits which include being good communicators, eloquent, good persuasive skills and sales skills.

Suited for: A job requiring speaking, like a talk show host, television personality, presenter, public relations, spokesperson, sales or lawyer.

Someone with a large mouth has  money making capacity traits, power and influence.

Suited for: Entrepreneur or business owner, someone in the public eye who relies on the speech to make a living such as a talk show host, actor, singer or politician.

        ThePearl in the Sea Mouth is indicated by someone who has a little round nub on the top lip, just under the philtrum. The traits include extremely argumentative, often winning, persuasive through reason and debate, skilled at negotiation or lobbying.

Suited for: Lawyer, lobbyist, politician and professional negotiator.

The Mouth

Individuals who lack communication skills are disadvantaged in the workplace. These skills aren’t related just to the ability to speak clearly and eloquently; they are also concerned with powers of persuasion. A good mouth is essential for a competitive edge, helping a person to achieve what they want.