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The Salesperson’s Face

        Does this person have the gift of gab? When they talk, do people listen and then buy? They do if they have the traits of a salesperson.

•     A good mouth with sharp edges, which indicates the gift of gab and eloquence
•     Lips with clear borders, reflecting persuasiveness (people listen and most importantly, they are converted)
•     A big mouth, which indicates clout, influence and lots of say in matters
•     A high nose bridge indicating confidence and a positive sense of ego, which is important as a good salesperson can be timid
•     Thick eyebrows with eyebrow hair growing in one direction, showing the ability to make friends and use of the relationships, connections and the business network
•     “Fish Tails” for males or “Phoenix Eyes,” for females signaling the person has which are usually helpful, though not essential for a salesperson