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Eventual Success

Success after the age of 50 is evidenced by:

•     A wide jawline
•     A broad and fleshy chin
•     A chin that juts forward ever so slightly
•     A wide or big mouth with thick lips
•     Good Laughter Lines
•     The Heaven and Man portions of the face being less developed or having unfavorable features

In this set of features the Earth portion of the face, which governs age 51-70, is very well developed. This indicates the person is a late bloomer and will only achieve success after the age of 50. For individuals with these qualities, patience is obviously essential.


Success in the Middle Years
Success between the ages of 30 and 50 is evidenced by:

• A large fleshy nose
• A wide and fleshy nose bridge
• Fleshy cheeks
• Long eyes and good eyebrows
• A low, dented or chipped forehead or having lines on the forehead
• Average set ears

The set of features above indicates the Man portion of the face is better than the Heaven portion of the face and so the best period for achievement and success is the person’s 30’s-40’s.

Individuals with these features therefore need to be patient and to persevere with their career, in the knowledge their success will take a little time. If the forehead and ears are particularly unfavorable, this indicates lots of obstacles in the path of success before the age of 30.