Facial Structure

In order to achieve wealth it is almost a given you need to be powerful, to be able to take charge and have a capable person helping you. Your cheeks dictate whether or not you have these abilities and opportunities.

Most of the world’s wealthiest individuals preside over huge corporations, wielding control over thousands of employees or they run an organization that is small but full of very capable people. In these individuals, the chin will jut out slightly indicating support from staff.

The entire face is meaty in a person who is truly wealthy. The outer cheeks and the jowls are full, denoting wealth throughout the person’s life; a wealth that is drawn from fame or a good reputation, personal effort and prudent investing.

So ultimately, while the nose affords a great deal of information about wealth-related matters, other points and facial features matter when it comes to getting a complete impression of a person’s wealth. The advanced technique of combination-position reading gives a fuller picture of the person’s life through reading several facial features together. It gives us an understanding not just of someone’s attitude toward wealth but also how they make their money, the extent of their wealth, whether their financial fortunes may be affected and, if so, when.

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