Forecasting Success

Personality and aptitude tests, human resource consulting firms and career counselors all perform important roles when it comes to career issues. But tests, counselors, and HR consultants do not take into account one important factor the face reading does: the element of luck. The Chinese sages did not see luck as a randomly distributed occurrence, but as something that could be clearly forecast.
In respect of a career, luck can play a part in many ways, whether in getting good breaks, meeting the right people, having helpful mentors and supporters, getting the right advice or simply making a break-out move at the right time.
You can be extremely skilled and talented in a particular field, but this will be a little use if you are given bad advice or you don’t persevere long enough to hit the point in your life when you will get your big break or try to advance your career too fast or to early and suffer burnout in the process. In all of these cases, luck is the decisive factor, so being able to foresee these developments will be very advantageous.

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