Pixie Ears, where the tip of the ear at the top, or Heaven Ridge has a pronounced curve. Traits include intelligence, artistic nature.

Suited for: jobs that involves intellectual rigor from academia to strategic management or artistic endeavors.

        A Protruding center describes ears in which the cent portion, or Man Ridge protrudes outward. Traits include being action orientated.

Suited for: Operations driven role or a job which involves hands-on work, such as a soldier, athlete or carpenter.

If the earlobes are rounded and fleshy, almost like to marbles dangling from the ear, these are known as “Pearls in the Ears.” Traits include hedonistic qualities, knows how to have a good time; males can relate well to the opposite sex.

Suited for: a job that involves a lot of entertaining or is in gastronomic, hospitality or the tourism industry or in a business for which the primary market is female such as jewelry, clothing or cosmetics industries.

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