Manager Traits

Manager CEO Traits

•   A high forehead, indicating intelligence and an analytical mind (which is important because Manager CEOs are there to solve problems, develop solutions or in some cases invent new systems, structures or operation methods at their company)

•     A square face, which denotes the person ha an Earth element face (indicating a grounded practical, sensible, prudent, resilient, preserving and low key character)

•     Strong fleshy cheekbones, showing the ability to wield power and authority

•     Wide laughter lines (curving away from the corners of the mouth), which indicate the person commands respect among their peers and staff

•     A broad and fleshy chin, suggesting good support from staff and the ability to manage large numbers of individuals effectively

•     Eyebrows which are upward or sideways growing indicating determination and the thick skin need to push through changes and reforms or institute hard decisions (if the hair grows sideways, the person will be more measured, but no less determined)

•     Eyebrow hair growing in one direction which shows the person thinks clearly and puts on a strong premium on action

•     A tall nose with a high, straight bridge and small unexposed nostrils, which indicates good financial management skills (if the tip dips downward slightly as well, a flair for a deal and a good sense of risk management is also indicated)

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