Networker Face

The Networker Face

This can be found on a person who excels at business development, relationship building or network-mased marketing; this person who not only knows a lot of people and has great connections but is constantly expanding their contacts and knows how to leverage them. The Networkers Face can also be found on the high-flyer who operates in exclusive circles, dealing with the extremely wealthy or powerful such as private bankers, political lobbyists and fundraisers, middlemen and brokers.

•     They have thick and long eyebrows on which the roots are visible denoting networking ability and the ability to make use of friendships
•     A broad forehead, indicating a lot of support from many people
•     Long thick ears, indicating again the support of many people
•     A large mouth with sharp corners and clear borders, indicating someone persuasive
•     Thin lips, which indicates a chatty person who likes to talk a lot; essential when you’re networking and building relationships.
•     A “Prawn Eyes” (eyes shaped like prawns: long, plump and square in the middle and sharp at both ends while pointing downward) indicating individuals able to work out how relationships  and connections operate in a micro and macro perspective or are good at concealing their intentions in order to attain their objectives.
•     Wide Laughter Lines or side double laughter lines, denoting a person of great influence who garners tremendous respect.

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