If a nose has very large exposed nostrils, visible when the face is viewed square-on the person has difficulty saving money or holding on to cash. Money slips through their fingers like sand. This is the nose of a big spender! If nose hair is visible from the nostrils, aside from being rather unsightly, it is a clear indication that the person has difficulty saving money. In essence, the nostril hair indicates a leaking of money. The solution, buy a nose hair trimmer.

If a pimple appears on the tip of the nose it indicates the person will be spending a substantial sum of money within the next two weeks. The bigger the pimple, the larger the bill that is about to arrive in the mailbox or the greater the spree that is going to melt the plastic of the credit card.

A bulbous nose tip, accompanied by a broad and flared nose wings and nostrils that are not visible when viewed square on, is known as a Lion’s nose. This is a good nose to have, especially if the bridge is also wide, fleshy and moderately high. It indicates a good nose for deals and business opportunities and a strong wealth generation capacity. This type of nose typically belongs to highly creative entrepreneurial types.

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