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I started studying Physiognomy in 1995. I was fascinated by the accuracy of being able to look at someone’s face and know whether I should talk fast or slow; stand near or far; give them volumes of information or just the facts and be able to gauge whether they made decisions based on current information or their previous experiences. All of this and more can be determined just by looking at their face.

I became fairly adept at recognizing these traits and being able to develop a quick rapport with people I would meet at chamber of commerce functions or while I was speaking. It gave me the ability to be comfortable enough to engage people whom I otherwise might never approach.

I turned this into a sales course for my entrepreneurial education program and the results were amazing! I had clients who increased their sales 50%, 100%, 500% and even one who increased his client base 1200% in two years and went from a close ratio of 1 in 8 to 2 out of 3!

I am all for a sense of economy and anything that helps others learn how to become more efficient in their business attracts me to learn more.

Over the years, many people asked me to write a book and so, finally, here it is!

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