Health Determinations

            Almost everyone can tell when someone is ill. They have the obvious signs of being in poor health such as a sickly look, a runny nose, tired eyes, a sallow complexion, or the posture and appearance of someone who is malingering. Yet the face gives subtle hints of impending ill health well in advance of the symptoms appearing usually even before the person starts to feel ill.

        If you know what facial features to zero in on and what to look for you can actually tell when a person is about to fall ill and in certain instances, what illness or health challenge lurks in the near future.

        If your face hints at a potential spell in bed with the sniffles, you can at least reduce the amount of down time you’ll have by taking some modest preventative measures such as boosting your immune system with health supplements. If your face suggests a potentially serious and preventative measures to minimize the effects or you can focus you medicinal needs.

        Face reading techniques can be used to evaluate a person’s health at different levels: to assess their overall health, to determine when a person is likely to fall ill and to pinpoint predispositions toward a certain type of illness such as an increased risk of heart attach or stomach concerns.

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