For signs of impending illness, such as a bout of flu or a cold, the most obvious facial feature to look at is the side of the nose bridge.

The most obvious indication of impending illness is a pimple that appears either on one side of the bridge or on the bridge itself. The size of the pimple will give you an approximation idea of the severity of the illness. You can expect to fall ill within two weeks of it’s appearance.

For a beginning, it is not always easy to pinpoint health problems using face reading. Some health problems have very obvious indicators and are easy to detect, while others, such as qi color (skin color), are more difficult to judge. This section shows you how to spot a predisposition toward certain common ailments and impending health problems.

Persistent gastrointestinal problems are present in those who have a mole on the center of the nose bridge. The larger the mole, the more pronounced the stomach and gastrointestinal problem, especially if it also protrudes. Dark patches of skin, such as a birthmark, on the nose will also typically indicate a gastrointestinal problem.

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