Working with a medical profession is still important. Face Reading techniques described in this chapter are preventative rather than diagnostic. They are designed to serve as an early warning system rather than any type of definitive diagnosis. Never rely on face reading alone to diagnose the state of your health: it is not a substitute for a professional medical examination and diagnosis.

For example, if you find you have a blue ring around your pupils and your earlobes have a clear line on them, both of which are the hallmarks of heart problems, you should seek a proper diagnosis from a cardiologist.

Face reading cannot tell you what kind of heart problem you have, only a cardiologist can do that. The role of face reading in managing health problems is to alert you to where a potential problem lies. After that it is time to let modern medical tools of diagnosis and a medical professional do their job.

You should not take the view that just because a particular feature appears on your face, you are destined to suffer the associated illness or health problems. Your goals should be to manage you health risks, particularly while they remain “potential” problems, and to minimize their effects.

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