Choosing the Right Career

        It is obviously impossible to cover all types of jobs which exist and the facial features which most closely relate to these careers. New jobs and new positions are being created every day as economies and civilizations advance. Twenty years ago, there was no such position as Chief Privacy Officer. A thousand years ago, there was no job called Marketing.

Yet in every change, there is a constant. Some jobs will never become extinct or obsolete, but simply evolve.

Twenty years from now, the job of sales person may not exist only because of the title “salesperson” might be replaced by a more inspirational job title like “product evangelist.”

But as long as there is free enterprise and entrepreneurship, there will always be a need for people to sell (or evangelize). And the human need for entertainment, art, music and food will survive even if the business models change.

It is with these two thoughts in mind these jobs and careers are included. Combination-position reading is necessary so we will look not just at one facial feature but at a group of features together. The way to make use of this section is simple: The greater number of facial features connected to each job category or description which can be seen on a face, the greater the person’s affinity, flair and talent for the field or industry.

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