Nose Traits

            The nose governs self-confidence and ego. A person with a tall and high nose bridge will have a strong sense of who they are and healthy dose of self-respect.

        There are many shapes for noses and they each have specific clues as to the intricacies of a person’s personality.

        The nose is the primary indication of wealth and is the key indicator of financial aptitude. It affords insight into many wealth-related inquiries, ranging from entrepreneurial ability and business acumen to capacity to accumulate and hold on to wealth.

        As a feature of the face, the nose is easy to assess visually, unlike the temples. We are looking at the whole nose, from the top of the bridge to the tip, including the nostrils and nose wings.

Divide the nose into positive features in terms of the three main sections of the nose: the bridge, the nose wings and the tip. The best way to evaluate a nose is to look at it square on to examine the nose wings and tip. The look at the nose from the profile view to assess the bridge.

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