Leonardo DiCaprio

I have been a fan of Leonardo every since The Aviator and love him in the new film The Great Gatsby!


I’ll start with his hairline, not referring to the receding lines but the pointed or “V” of his hairline. He is likely to finish projects he starts with very little effort. The

breadth of his forehead indicates he is a broad thinker. He gets the big perspective and understands new concepts quickly. The inset of his eyes reveals he is spends time thinking through concepts probably weighing all sides prior to making a decision.

The roundness of his nose means he enjoys hearing about other people’s successes and the shape of his lips shows he is better at listening than speaking most of the time. You’ve probably witnessed his shy demeanor during interviews.

The roundness of his chin would suggest he prefers his days to be even keel, he does not enjoy surprises or changes in plans.

It’s a good thing he has larger earlobes as his appreciation for the better things in life such as wine, clothing, quality friends etc. is indicated in the length of his lobes!


In an earlier picture you can see how Leonardo’s nose was slightly more pointed which would indicate he might have been more impatient for people to get to the point and not bother him with the details. Also his chin was more square and would have supported his nose trait of “get to the bottom line” and don’t bother me with how you’re going to do it.


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