Interpreting Facial Traits

      Everyone has unique traits to their face. Some have longer or wider faces. Others have round while others have oval faces. Each person has specific traits that tell much about of their personality. It is possible to know whether someone is logical, a quick thinker, a broad minded individual, gets to the point or gushes with information rather than say exactly what is on their minds.

        Once you understand why they do this, it is not as likely you will judge them for being, acting or thinking differently than you do. It is as natural to them as it is for you to think, act and be the way you are.

        When we begin to understand the facial traits it is more likely we gain a better understanding of those we care about.

Each face has an upper third, from the hairline to the eyebrows; eyebrows to the tip of the nose; and the nose to the chin.

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