Have you ever met someone who has a pointed nose?

Well, you’d better get to the point with them. Don’t waste their time. Don’t give them a lot of details, just tell them what you need to know.

The challenge in working with people who have a point nose is they don’t care about the details, they only want to know the bottom line.

What’s in it for them? What do they need to know? Just don’t bore them with the details.

These are the people who look like they have tuned you out when in fact they are detailed oriented. It’s just the facts, no more no less. They don’t want to know how you got there they only want to know how it effect them and what they need to do.

When you work with people who have a pointed nose, do not take the time to tell them how you’re going to get where you are going, just tell them what the result is when you get there and what it means to them.

Remember, it is not about you, it is about what they need to know and the rest of the details have no relevance to them.

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