Facial Projections

Your face will not have heavily wrinkled or heavily wrinkled or heavily lined face, even as they age. However, face reading does not ignore the realities of human biology: A good face does have some wrinkles and lines, but they will be in the right places. For example, “laughter lines” around the mouth after the age of 45 indicate a long life and these should be deep.

Bumps, protrusions and dents are relatively easy to identify, once you know what they look like. The most obvious example of a protrusion is a mole. Scars can be either protrusions or indentations, depending on how the mark heals. Bumps which typically result from certain skull or bone formations are a little harder to spot but are usually more obvious looking closely.

Your face can shed light on your financial profile or financial tendencies. Indicators will show whether you are a hoarder, saver, shopaholic or big spender. You will be able to determine whether you are likely to have financial success early in life or later in life. You will even be able to recognize whether you have a nose for a great art deal.

While a large nose is a positive feature, it must have support from the cheeks. In face reading the cheeks relate to power, the ability to wield authoritative leadership capability and good support from right-hand men and women.

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