Career Face

The Good Career Face

A person with a good career face is someone who has the opportunity to reach the pinnacles of success in their chosen field, and to become influential, powerful and wealthy as a result of their career endeavors. To have a good career face, at least two of the following positive features to be present. The more there are, the better career prospects and career path trajectory will be.

•     Clear eyes with pupils and whites clearly distinguishable and with no veins or marks on the whites
•     Spirited eyes
•     A high, broad forehead
•     Eyebrow hair that grows in one direction and is moderately thick so roots are seen
•     High set ears that don’t protrude
•     Strong fleshy cheekbones which support the nose
•     A fleshy nose with a rounded or bulbous tip and a moderate to high bridge
•     A mouth with clear lip borders and sharp corners in which the two flags are clear on the center of to top lip

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