The Good and the Bad

A face can have a mixture of both good and bad features; poor ears and forehead with superb cheeks, nose and chin. In addition, many features are often neither good nor bad, but in between. For example, whereas a forehead that is five fin gers high in considered good and a forehead which is three fingers high is not favorable, a forehead which is four fingers high is not ideal but is not bad either. It’s average.

Someone who has neither a good or challenged career face simply needs to exercise greater care in choosing their career so they can insure the job or industry of their choice plays to their strengths, rather than making demands on their weaknesses. Certain challenged career face features simply mean the person peaks at a later point in life, so all is not lost if they have a number of these traits.

The important thing is to understand how these features affect the career trajectory and to work around them or focus on improving these flaws and making great use of any positive skills. Ultimately face reading requires us to look at the face as a whole in a macro perspective, so we can see the big picture the face conveys to us about the entire person.

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