CEO Traits

Rock Star CEO Traits

The Rock Star CEO will have a number of the traits of the Manager CEO but more of the Fire face shape (the forehead is narrower compared with the peak of the head) or a Wood face shape (resembling an inverted triangle), which is usually seen in individuals who are celebrities, Rock Star CEOs also generally have these features:

•     A wide large mouth with good borders, indicating they have persuasive powers and impact (a Manager CEO also needs a good mouth, but a Rock Star CEO’s mouth can be one of their defining or best features.

•     A very high nose bridge and a tall nose, indicating a strong ego and powerful sense of self (a Manager CEO also needs a good nose but the nose can be one of the Rock Star CEO’s defining or best features because promoting themselves is an important part of their job)

•     A weak chin, indicating they are better with small groups of people (analysts, reporters, board of directors) and less capable when it comes to managing employees.

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