Strategists Face

The Strategists Face

The role of a strategist essentially is to come up with the means by which to achieve an end, preferably utilizing intelligence, exploiting loopholes or taking advantage of weaknesses or lax situations.

They are thinkers, analysts and creators all in one, and their faces should reflect these skills in the following way:

•     A sharp nose which denotes a measure of shrewdness and cunning (essential for the job of a strategist)
•     A high (five-finger) forehead indicating superior intellect
•   A rounded and slightly protruding top third of the forehead, indicating analysis is the person’s foremost skill.
•     High set and long Pixie Ears indicating great intelligence, the ability to analyze information and a sensitive and perceptive individual who reads situations well and can intuitively zero in on an oppon-ent’s weaknesses
•     A Wood face (resembling an inverted triangle) indicative of a thinker
•     A downward curving eyebrows denoting someone who operates behind the scenes
•     Small, long eyes with sharp corners suggesting a meticulous detail orientated individual who misses nothing.

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