The Administrator Face

A person with an Administrator Face is not suited to jobs requiring intellectual or creative work or leadership skills. The best jobs for this individual involve a lot of repetitive activity or routine tasks which are not too challenging, do not require initiative and need minimal problem-solving or confrontation. These people prefer to follow rather than lead and is risk adverse, making them ill suited for major decision making or taking charge. The Administrator Face is found on someone who does data entry, flips hamburgers at a fast food restaurant, works on the assembly line in a manufacturing plant or is in middle management. This face usually shows the following traits:

•     Low set ears, indicating the individual is a “see and do” type, working by rote or instructions

•     A short chin which denotes someone who does not have the capacity to manage large groups and who prefers routine working hours

•     Tight or low corners of the forehead, owing to a low hairline indicative of a person

who follows rules rather than creating their own and prefers not to spend time thinking about how to solve problems

•     A protruding or building forehead which suggests a careful and sometime rather overcautious thinker and someone who is risk averse

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