The Creative Face

We tend to think creativity as being restricted to the arts in the form of original ideas expressiveness or the ability to sing, play an instrument, dance or perform in an entertaining manner. But creativity i not found only in the arts. Creative Faces occur on individuals in other areas as well, including the business world (just as Entrepreneur Faces can be found on people we associate having great creativity)

A Creative Face on someone from the business world means they have the ability to see synergies between businesses and a flair for parlaying a business from one segment into several segments. It can also mean they have great creativity with numbers, possessing the ability to unlock capital or realize hidden financial potential. The following features are found on Creative Faces:

•     A cleft chin (usually male), an M-shaped hairline and baby hairs growing on the
forehead are key features denoting creativity in males
•     Eyes shaped like a half moon (usually females) also denoting a creative outlook
•     High set or large ears which indicate individuals with great intelligence who can absorb and apply to their work what they have learned or seen or been inspired by
•     A rounded or protruding forehead which signifies immense analytical skills but also a person with big dreams and grand ambitions; someone who is always thinking about new ideas or new possibilities
•     A Water face shape (balloon shaped) which indicates wisdom (even if they also like entertaining and having fun, during which they may have to put their wisdom to use

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