The Politician Face

Success in public service as well as in the cut-and-thrust of the limelight requires a special ace. In the old days, a good political was smart, shrewd and a capable administrator. These days, they also need to have personal appeal, likability and a little bit of rock star glamour. The more of the traits listed below a person’s face shows, the greater their ability to be a successful politician and achieve the pinnacle of political success and high office:

• A high and wide forehead indicating (at a simplified level) intelligence and analytical powers, or (at a more advanced level) nobility, status and an unblemished reputation, as well as the many helpful people a person can have in their life, because the forehead encompasses the Fortune, Career, Virtue and Parent traits

• Crow’s Feet (two vertical lines just outside the eyebrows which appear even when the person is not frowning, denoting a highly intelligent , analytical but somewhat manipulative mind (how manipulate depends on how deep the lines are cut) and also workaholic tendencies

• Pinned back and high ears indicating a good listener which is essential for politicians as they must be able to respond and deal with a gamut of issues from mundane administrative matters to important issues

• Long eyes with sharp corners, showing a detail orientated person who is sharp and adaptive; useful in the ruthless political world

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