Famous Noses

Look at photographs of Michael Jackson. In his early years,Jacksonhad a Lion’s Nose, an excellent nose for wealth generation and accumulation. The wings were broad and the tip very bulbous. The bridge was reasonably high and most important, broad. It shows a high capacity to generate wealth and longevity.

Later in life when Jackson was in his forties, his nose was considerably smaller and thinner, lacking the fleshiness of the past, thus reducing his capacity to consistently generate and hold on to his wealth.

          His nose tilts upward, exposing the nostrils and is sharp at the end. This indicates that his wealth generation capacity is reduced. The nostrils which govern wealth accumulation have gone from unseen in his twenties to being exposed. He stops being able to make money and starts spending if not hemorrhaging ash.Jackson’s financial troubles largely occurred in his forties.

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