Nose Traits

What to Look for in a Nose

When examine the nose, we want to look for positive and negative characteristics.

Good Nose Bridge indicators:

• Positive Qualities

• A good nose bridge is

• Broad and thick

• Fleshy

• Moderately high (begins at eye line)

• Straight

• Unmarked by lines, dents, scars or protrusions such as moles

Good Nose Wings are:

• Broad

• Fleshy

• Shaped so as to “hood” the nostrils so the nostrils are not exposed when the face is viewed quare on

• Without visible nostril hair

Good Nose Tip is:

• Fleshy and bulbous (imagine a cherry on the end of the nose)

• Slightly dipped

• Smooth and unmarked, with no scars, indentations or protrusions such as a mole.

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