Reading Faces

We had a great group over on Sunday and I of course had to read one of our guests’ face traits.

Todd is about 30 and has struggled with his relationships with women. It might be normal for 30-somethings to drift from one relationship to another but he has apparently always chosen women who are 8 to 10 years younger (control issues) than he is and it has never worked.

He has good male relationships so that leads me to believe he has a commitment issue.

Todd-1When looking at the traits or characteristics of his face, he has the larger lower lip of those who make good speakers and communicators share. However, the smaller upper lip is indicative of those who don’t take the time to listen unless they are interested in what is being said.

The flat area at the brows on Todd’s forehead shows he has a very logical side to his personality and wants information delivered in an orderly manner.

The squared off nature of his chin indicates he wants people to get to the point, don’t bore him with the details or you’ll loose his attention, especially when you combine it with his thinner upper lip.

One of the traits most people find interesting is the amount of space from the eyeball to the eyebrow. If you were to place your index finger sideways in front of your eye and your middle finger on top of it and have no space between the eyebrow showing as in Todd’s case, this tells he doesn’t appreciate it when people he doesn’t know come up to him and touch him. He needs to know someone before he’s okay with touching unexpectedly, especially.

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